Sunday, October 16, 2016

Demolition Day 4

Before we got dirty today, my  mom and I headed to the court house.  I wanted to search the people who had owned the house.  I already knew the most prominent family that lived there (The Soissons), but I didn't know much about the people who lived there before them.  That intrigued me the most because I wanted to know who built the house and how it came to be a house the Soisson's lived in.

I did find my answers.  There were a few families that lived there prior to the Soisson family.  They obtained it when the owner went bankrupt - Joseph Soisson was the highest bidder.  He owned it for two years until he gave it to his son, Leo Soisson and his wife who then lived there for a very long time.  After the Soissons left, it changed hands rapidly, and got divided into apartments, and got run down, and now it belongs to ME.  And as long as nothing happens, it will be in our family for a long time so we can protect it.

This is me in the office of records.  This place was really cool.  Pennsylvania keeps its records on a county system, so I went to the county courthouse.  After about 1975, I had to search the actual deeds - not the computer.  It was kind of fun, though.  Most of those deeds were all handwritten.

We think this is who built the house, or at least we know this is who owned the land the house was built on.  In Connellsville, Davidson and Newmyer are streets.  Newmyer is the name that was on the original deed to our house.

After our trip down history lane, we went back into our old clothes and started day four of demolition.  The dumpster showed up today, so we had a great time tossing things out the window.  IT was thrilling to get it out of the house.  Put on quite the show for the neighbors

 It was a game to see if we could get the trash actually IN the dumpster.

I also wanted to share another near original piece in the house.  This bench is sitting in the front of the house - just beyond the front door.  We have been making guesses to its use.  Is it where they sat to wait to be introduced to the family?  Is it where they sat for reflection?  Is it where they took off their shoes?  It is anyone's guess, but it is a beautiful bench.  Well - at least it will be when I take the baby poop brown paint off of it

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