Saturday, October 15, 2016

Demolition Day 2

Day two in the 126 year old house. More demo on the same floor. Lots of paneling to remove. (lots) I took a few more pictures of a few of my favorite things in the house. We are down to the latis on most of the floor we are working on, and I completely gutted one of the bathrooms today. My parents have been troopers helping me out. We got a lot done this weekend. The people who owned this house (way back when) were part of the family that owned the largest Fire Brick company in the country (at the time). So....lots of brick. (house is even brick)

This is my dad taking down the drop ceiling and discovering almost 2 feet of ceiling above it.  Along with.....more ceiling.  We did finally get it all down and come to plaster.  The plaster will probably need to all come down - it was in pretty bad shape.
 Me pulling off the 1,000,000th piece of paneling.  This is where I am about to discover that the paneling is not only behind the door frame, it is way above the drop ceiling.  Fun times.

I knocked down most of the bathroom today.  Pulled out the toilet, the vanity, the medicine cabinet.  In this room there were two layers of paneling, and then drywall, then plaster, and then brick.  I think I am going to keep the one wall of exposed brick for an accent wall.  Especially with the family's history

This is an original stained glass window that is in a window on the front of the house.  All the woodwork around it has been painted, so that will be stripped and retained.
 This is an original entrance way into the living room on the first floor.  The woodwork is just beautiful.  And it has never been painted, which I find kind of unbelievable.
 Close up of the woodwork in the living room entrance.  All hand carved - just needs to be cleaned and possibly restained.

 This is the original fireplace on the first floor.  Of the two fireplaces in the house, this one is in better shape.  Can't believe it has never been painted.  And those are the original Victorian Tiles
Detail on the fireplace.
 So - these tiles, I think, are pretty ugly.  They look like someone spray painted them.  But when I looked up Victorian tiles, most of them looked like this.  Some of them are damaged - I think we will keep the good ones, and maybe inter lace them with a little bit more neutral of a Victorian tile.  We shall see.

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